how often should you replace brush heads?

Posted by Vanity Planet on Oct 13, 2016 12:20:33 PM


You have invested a lot of time an energy into perfecting your skin care routine. Whether it is finding the best cleanser, or utilizing a facial brush like the Spin for Perfect Skin, you have put in a lot of effort to maintain a glowing radiance. However, you can unintentionally be sabotaging yourself by not replacing your brush heads.

We recommend replacing the brush heads every three months, for several reasons.



(This applies to all of our facial cleansing systems - including the Spin for Perfect Skin, PureSpin, and Ultimate Skin Spa)


1. Build Up

No matter how throughly your rinse out your brush heads, it is nearly impossible to completely get rid of product. Over time and repeated use, product build up with grow from the base of the brush head, collecting bacteria, dead skin, and other unmentionables. After the recommended three month period, that bacteria begins to transfer over to your skin, and can cause irritated skin, breakouts, and even rashes in extreme cases.



2. Wear and Tear

As with anything, a brush head will continue to suffer wear and tear. The bristles become less effective over time, as they soften and fatigue. This effects your skin in the long run, as the brush heads becomes more abrasive and harsh. If you use the brush head for too long, you run the risk of over-exfoliating and leaving your skin irritated and vulnerable to inflammation.



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