how often should you exfoliate?

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Exfoliating is easy with great facial cleansing brushes like the Purespin, Ultimate Skin Spa, and Spin For Perfect Skin from Vanity Planet. The interchangeable brush heads make it a snap (literally) to get a deeper cleanse.

But the big question still remains: how often should you exfoliate?

Unfortunately, there really isn’t a solid answer.

Start simply.

Dermatologists recommend exfoliating somewhere between once and twice a week to start then pay close attention to how your skin reacts. Do you notice extra irritation or dryness? Try decreasing the frequency. Are you seeing little to no change? Try increasing the frequency slowly, up to daily, to achieve the rosy, healthy look you desire. 

Watch your skin, your overall health, and even the weather.

Why? Fatigue, hormonal shifts, even changes to your exercise routine can increase sensitivity and lead to changes to changes to your skin. If you have drier skin you should only exfoliate once a week, while oilier skin can get away with more sessions. Hotter, more humid months may make skin receptive to more frequent exfoliation while extra care may need to be taken during the dryer winter months. How do you know if you’re doing it right? Over-exfoliated skin looks reddened skin and may be sensitive to touch. Under-exfoliated skin looks uneven. The right pacing reveals your brightest, clearest compexion.

If your skin reacts negatively take a break.

Skin rejeuvenates quickly so taking a break from harsh cleansers for a few days to a week should give your complexion time to get back to its happy place.

To sum it up

  1. Use our guide to figure out your skin type.
  2. Choose the best spin brush for you
  3. Use your the Purespin, Ultimate Skin Spa, or Spin for Perfect Skin to gently cleanse your face daily for a month
  4. Adjust based on your skin's response
  5. Incorporate the exfoliating brush once a week and increase use up to 3 times a week



Let your skin guide you towards the best routine for you.

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