holiday hair styles: braided crown

Posted by Vanity Planet on Dec 3, 2016 5:05:00 PM

holiday hair tutorial: braided crown

Since it’s been around a bit longer than the rest of our hair line, our first holiday hair look tutorial is going to be achieved by using our Tame Pro-Style Titanium Tourmaline Flat Iron.

Today, we’re featuring Haley Wight's (@cosmobyhaley) gorgeous braided crown. Even though it’s pretty simple to do, this look is sure to be a real show stopper at any ugly sweater party, work party, or night out this season! Watch the video below to see her do it, and then check out our step-by-step instructions below! 


A video posted by Haley Wight (@cosmobyhaley) on

how to get the look:


step 1:

Plug in your Tame and get it heating up (we suggest 300 - 350 degrees for dyed or damaged hair and 400 - 450 degrees for those of you lucky enough to have uncolored, healthy hair)


step 2:

Turn on awesome music (find @vanityplanet on Spotify if you need any help with this one!)


step 3:

Grab your favorite holiday libation

step 4:

Get that mane out of the way by putting it in a simple half-up topknot


step 5:

Taking 1/2 inch sections, start crafting those gorgeous, loose curls by running your Tame through and curling it around the iron after straightening

step 6:

Keep doing this until you’ve gone through all of your hair


step 7:

On each side of your head, take a little bit of hair and make a small braid on each side

step 8:

Pause every 4 or so inches to spread the braid out a tad


step 9:

Pin those braids back on the back of your head below those beautiful curls

step 10:

Add a little hair spray to help fight the frizz and keep yourself looking great all night


step 11:

Be the envy of any holiday party you attend

What makes Tame the perfect tool for this look?

Well, quite a few things! First, its curved design allows you to achieve bouncy, voluminous curls without having to get out your curling wands or irons!

Next, Tame’s titanium tourmaline plates allow for quick heat transfer and exceptional heat control. (In English, that means your hair it’s going to work faster, minimize frizz, and help protect your hair!)

Lastly, its wide range of temperature options (250 - 450 degrees) make it a great tool for just about any hair type!

get yours now!


Want to learn more about the rest of our hair tools and figure out which is your perfect match? Click here!

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